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We believe that the Recreation Department is responsible for providing a comfortable, secure, personally satisfying environment while maintaining a high quality of life for each individual resident.

This is accomplished through an interdisciplinary approach to planning, implementing and evaluating programs and services. Program activities are developed to meet the physical, emotional, social, educational, psychological and spiritual needs of each resident.

We will encourage and actively support individuality and independence thereby giving our residents a sense of belonging and control over their own environment. We believe that all residents have a right to provide input into the planning of recreational programs through the Residents’ Council or directly with the recreation staff.


Along with our daily recreational activities, outings and special events we also offer evening and weekend programming to best suit the residents needs.

Please refer to our Monthly Calendar for more information or contact the Program Director or Recreation Director.

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Room Bookings

The following rooms can be reserved for parties or get togethers for no fee. Reserve early as these rooms fill up early especially around the holidays. Contact the Activity Department to reserve a room.


Family Dining Room

  • Location: Situated on the main floor beside the small dining room
  • Amenities: It is a formal style dining room where you can be served from the kitchen. Please be sure to book ahead
  • Accommodates: 6 comfortably


Activity Room

  • Location: Situated in the front
  • Amenities: It has a full kitchen area ( fridge, stove, sink). This is a very popular room for preparing your own meal or bringing your own
  • Accommodates: 12-20 people. Because this room is used for the resident activities, contact the Activity Department for availability of times for booking


  • Location: Inside the mall area
  • Amenities: Sink, tables, chairs
  • Accommodates: 40 people

The outside patio area is accessible from the front entrance and the café.

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Housekeeping & Laundry

Housekeeping, laundry and maintenance services are monitored by our Environmental Supervisor.


Regular housekeeping and maintenance duties are carried out in the accordance with the Ministry of Health standards to ensure that our environment is clean and safe for the residents, visitors and staff.


  • Daily laundering of clothing is included in the monthly room rate
  • Mending is the responsibility of the family unless valet service is purchased at a cost of $15.00 + GST per month
  • Ironing or dry cleaning is not included in the facilities laundry service

Please ensure that clothing is washable and will tolerate the heat of the dryer.

All clothing will be labeled by the home at the time of admission. New items brought into the resident should be taken to the desk, where the charge nurse will have them labeled appropriately prior to the resident wearing the new items.

If families choose to be responsible for a resident’s regular laundry, we ask that they notify the charge nurse and provide a laundry hamper in the resident’s room. A sign will be posted in the resident’s room indicating that laundry is being done by the family. Soiled clothing, for infection control reasons, must be laundered regularly.


Maintenance is the responsibility of the home. If you have a concern related to the building, please bring it to the attention of our Environmental Supervisor or Administrator.

All electrical appliances brought into the home must be checked by the maintenance person prior to them being plugged in.

Electrical items such as electric blankets, heating pads, and extension cords are not allowed.

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The Hairdressing Salon is situated on the main floor beside the Family Dining Room. It is open on Wednesdays and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Services of the hairdresser can be arranged by speaking with the team leaders.

  • Billing for hairdressing is added to the monthly statement.

Services offered include:

Shampoo and set $14.00
Shampoo and set and cut $24.00
Shampoo and blow dry $8.00
Ladies Hair Cut $14.00
Mens Hair Cut $14.00
Colour Rinse $1.00
Perms (incl. wash, set and curl)  $45.00


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Spiritual Care


Church Services

The Watford QCC church services are provided weekly by local clergy from a variety of faith traditions.

Memorial services are held once a year. Watford QCC has a memorial garden that is planted in loving memory of residents who have passed away. Our Memorial Garden has become a lovely area for quiet family gatherings or small outdoor activities. The garden is equipped with a gazebo.

Watford QCC will:

  • Provide for the spiritual needs of every resident through a variety of religious programs, counselling and one-to-one visitation
  • Assess resident spiritual needs upon admission, at the time of illness and throughout the death and dying process
  • Provide spiritual counselling to each resident, family and staff as required

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Residents’ Council

What is it?

A formal set up of residents who discuss and share items that affect where they live.

Who is it?

Every person living in Watford QCC is a member of the resident council. The executive will bring all suggestions forward from the council to the Administration of the home.

Who forms the Executive?

The residents elect this executive from their members.

What are the duties of this Executive?

They represent the resident population of the home. They must meet monthly and record the minutes of these meetings.

Of what use is a resident council?

The Resident Council is your representative in the home. Through this body, suggestions and recommendations can be brought forth. Then these items are taken to the Administration of the home to follow through with any suggestions.

How much of an effect can the Residents’ Council have?

While it must be recognized that there are some items the Council cannot change because of Government regulations, most recommendations made by the Council will be seriously examined. If these items are found valid, then appropriate changes will be made.

When and where does the Residents’ Council meet?

The Residents’ Council scheduled meetings are posted on the calendar every month and they meet in the front lounge activity area with the assistance of the Program Director.

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We are a compassionate team committed to providing exceptional resident-centered care. We provide an extended family atmosphere in a peaceful rural setting.